15years girl having hyper pigmentation of fingers & palms since 5 months, no itching /pains, please diagnose & suggest treatment Pt is Anaemic



Dd.megaloblastic anemia, Addison's disease, autosomal recessive adrenonoleucodystrophy, Fanconis anaemia. Most common is nutritional meg anemia due to dietary inadequacy, malabsorption, chronic liver disease, parasites, drugs etc. Rarely pernicious anemia.

knuckle hyperpig seen in cobalamine deficiency.. anemia should be megaloblastic anemia..

DDS .1.megaloblastic anaemia 2.addisons disease

anemia with knuckle hyperpigmentation indicates B12 deficiency. blood peripheral smear can identify followed by B12 levels.

Megaloblastic Anemia first deworming then give Iron with Vitamin B12

Anemia with black pigmentation hands is due to Megaloblastic anemia. Peripheral smear shows MACROCYTIC HYPOCHROMIA

Megaloblastic anaemia. Vitamin B-12.

vitamin b12 deficiency

do rule out menorrhagia if she has attained menarche. injectable Vit B12preferable

megaloblastic anemia,presents with knuckle pigmentation,, treatment with vitb12 and folic acid..

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