16 extraction done past 9 days. Patient still complains of pain and sensations in the region. Treatment for dry socket is done 3-4 times but healing is slow. Occlusion reduction for 15 is also done but there is still sensations in 15 but on iopa there is no sign of caries. What should be done?



Dry socket Curettage Dressing Zoe pack Betadine mouthwash

Regarding the root stump present or not I think we need to see that clinically since iopa is not clearly showing it..that outline can be due to socket shape recently extracted.. more chance is of injury to 15 while extracting 16.or can also be a manifested pain of dry socket ,15 being the immediate neighbour. Good luck doctor

There is lot of scratches in the IOPA provided, dry socket is very rare in maxillary arch due to rich blood supply. I can see a small root stump - palatal. Plz cross check in the region I marked.

There is no root stump Sir, i dont understand why there is Tenderness and sensations in 15 after extracting 16

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induce fresh bleeding zoe dressing for 10 days betadene gargle

No smoking or any other habit

induc3fresh blending with probe and zoe dressing. betadene gargle tds for 10 days check history of smoking

Sensitivity may be due to root exposure of premolar.if pain high then induce bleeding and suture it . prescribe analgesic with pregabalin.and and antibiotics to rule out Secondary infection.betadine gargle.

Root stump is there and is marked

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