16 months female child, had burn on right foot, as in photos, ?Discuss management.



post burn keloid silverex A + glycerin application Only with Polybion OD. as my experience ,it will take two years to heal Completely this is natural healing phenomena.

silverex A contain???

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looks like an old burn injury with hypertrophic scar. patient will require intralesional steroid injection

Keloid formation Hypopigmentation

Burn keloid..

keloid-post burn plastic surgeon opinion

wound healing in pediatric pts is much better than adults.. wait for some more time.. if not regressed then intralesional steroid (triamcenolon- kanacort) will help

post burn keloid intra lesion steroid injection

Wait & watch.

scar is around the joint,look for range of movements around the joint, refer to plastic surgeon if ROM decreased

post burn contracture, plastic surgery for contracture release

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