16 year male pt. Swelling complained amox. 3 days given and now pt. Relief and opg the region for swelling 38 plz diagnosis



Dear doc , please place the X-ray on to an X ray viewer and take a pic . The pic of the Opg is not at all clear . In accordance to your description all her wisdom teeth are impacted . Pain might be due to cystic lining on 38 buried deep inside the bone . Might be dentigerous cyst . Oral surgical intervention is mandatory

It seems to be dentigerous cyst associated with impacted 38. Swelling patient must not have noticed earlier. What other associated complaints are there? FNAC can be done to evaluate the cystic fluid. And patient must be referred to a Maxillofacial surgeon for management.

Agree with dr. Kundu but requesting to post good opg

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For better pic plz use your monitor or leptop screen as a x Ray viewer ,so we can observe well

Doc...please do upload a clear opg.. .. I wonder jus by prescribing Amox..the symptoms and signs subsided??? no pain killers?? Also give a detailed history.. so as to make this discussion, clear and helping.thank you

X-ray not very clear..I think there is a well defined unilocular radiolucency with radiopaque margin associated with crown of displaced impacted molar.... enucleation or marsupilisation .....d/d okc..dc.... ameloblastoma...etc

Dentigerous cyst Impacted 38 FNAC

U can always use a blank screen of laptop with increased brightness to study n opg ......looks like dentigerous.... Pic too hazy

It's a dentigerous cyst .. dr do fine needle aspiration . Straw colour fluid is seen.. treatment is excisional biopsy along with extraction of associated tooth.. do it as early as possible

Post a clear pic

Pericoronitis irt 48,pocket distally of 48....curettage followed by w/s rinses under medication of amox. VS Metrogyl 400 mg TDS with Nsaids s.o.s

Sorry its amox 500 mg bd
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