16 year old girl with rash and pain over vagina and buttucs from

16 year old girl with rash and pain over vagina and buttucs from one year



Extensive Tinea corporis Rule out h/o steroid Systemic tebinafine 250 mg _bd Topical application of ketoconazole ointment Antihistaminics Antioxidants Keto dusting powder. Keep area dry.

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It's tinea corporis and cruris. Tab. Terbinafine OD for 14days, ketoconazole cream for locals application and candid dusting powder . Proper hygiene should be maintained.

Tinea corporis and cruris. Is there history of itching? Steroid use? Any signs of secondary infection? This alone won't cause pain. Also what's the history of antifungal treatment if any. A lot of really resistant fungal infections going around . So treat with caution

This is severe Tinea Corporis. Systemic antifungals like terbinafine May be useful. Topical application of Tyza dusting powder during day and ketoconazole ointment at night. Antihistamines. Keto soap for bathing. Maintaining hygiene avoid sharing of towels and clothes. also, nails of hands to be trimmed.

First wash with scabies soap Then use spray tebinafine After that apply cream of ketoconazol For orally Use tab pru25 BD Tab. Turbinafine 250 BD Cap. Zicona BD

tinea Cruris

.Advance stage of tinea infections or any H/o fungal infections in past, becs vaginal part is prone to fungal infection,but in this case infection is extended up to gluteal region. anti histamine anti fungal,anti helminth medicines with anti biopics are advisable

Terbinafine 250 mg OD Clotrimazole lotion apply Levocitrizine sos for itching Itraconazole

times' time andTimes'Times favoritedTinea corporis carbinaforce 200mg bd for 7days local application of Terbinafine cream Albendazole 400mg Derma dewl soap blood purifier Rakt pure Safi

Tinea Cruris Tinea Glutei* Tinea Corporis *Tinea Incognito

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