16 Yr old girl... eldest of six siblings belonging to a very poor socioeconomic status family as a domestic help. came after a recent spate of floods with complain of fever multiple lesions on skin. foul smelling nasal discharge. patient was brought to us for skin biopsy and fungal culture. during the biopsy we couldn't help. notice facial and mild pedal oedema... plz comment???



Shows extensive areas of necrosis, vasculitis & ill defined epithelioid cell collections. With H/O skin & nasal cavity involvement, P/O Wegners Granulomatosis is to be considered. Advised PR3 ANCA levels.

Looks like angioinvasive fungal infection...Would love to see at least PAS, silver stain..etc

Case of wegener granulomatosis. Thanks

Thanks mate..Good one


Without LD bodies ?

Is it mucormycosis (zygomycosis), sir

Bacillary angiomatosis