16 yrs male with Indirect coomb’s test positive Peripheral smear with cbc Your opinion

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Aniso poikilocytosis ANISOCHROMIA microcytes.targets.schistocytes Dacryocytes.leptocytes.irregularly contracted cells.stomatocytes.polychromsia.and few Microspherocytes seen. Plt Adequate HAEMOLYTIC ANAEMIA. AIHA LIKELY

Agree sir but one more feature of RBC is there ??

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Lots of microcytes, target cells, tera drop cells, few macrocytes 6 and 8 no photo shows sickle like cells Megathrombocytes also seen Haemoglobin electrophoresis to rule out Haemoglobinopaties

Haemolytic anaemia (iron def. /thalassemia major) suggested Iron profile, HPLC

? Haemolytic Anaemia(AIHA)

Thanks. Nice case.

Hemolytic anemia

Pls add any other point u find worth mentioning

Agglutination of RBC Indirect coomb’s test positive Cold AIHA


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