patient age 9 years /female. complaining burning sensation on hands while touching water since 15 days. condition&treatment?

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It seems to be a case of eczematous dermatitis that may be reason for boiling sensation while immersing the hand in water. Rx. 1. Steroid application twice a day topically 2. Liberal use of moisturisers and emollients
Icthyosis vulgaris/dermatitis(pellagra) other vit b complex deficiency may be responsible for paresthesia which patient may interpret like Raynauds phenomenon
Xerosis Rx of topical moisturex cream ,tab. Atarax 25 mg hs
Its a case of icthyosis vulgaris.
Eczematous dermatitis (?)
Eczematous dermatitis
Irritant dermatitis apply dew soft cream alt coconut oil
@Dr. Gk Veeresh -icthyosis
Its a case of contact dermatitis.
Excezma...use episoft amf cream
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