16yr old student with pain and severe itching on glans penis.. Identify the Dx and Rx??

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Scabies with secondary infection Rx Permethrin lotion as advised. Tab Cetrizine 10 odhs MomateF cream LA BD. Tab evwrmectin 12 day 1 and day 7 Maintain hygiene. Tab Cefixime 200 BD for 5 days.

Balanitis? Cap. Moxikind bid, tab. Mont-Lbid, oint. Candid application without touching mucosa (urethral opening).and follow up. Ix- related to std , with routine blood and urine examination. - my opinion

Balanitis.fungal inf. Daily local hygiene. Local antifungal cream.

Sec. Scheids , with secondary bacterial infection. Azithral - 500 in the morn. Verizon - CV - 625 bd. Permen rin lot. Atarex -25 hs. Cr. Fluconazole. Bendy -Plus every 3rd day upyog 21 days.

Sec.Scebies . Associated with sec. bacterial inf. Azithral 500 in the morn. Droxyl- CV 625 bd. Permite Lot. Atarex - 25 hs. Bendy - Plus every third day for 21 days.


Scabies with secondary infection

Candidial balanitis, ? H/ o exposure? Topical antifungal, antipruritic, oral antifungal, maintain hyegiene for superinfection add zathrin

Candida infection

Personal hygiene, candid b cream local application, c doxy 100 mg bd for 7 days. If recurring then circumcision

Candida infection.

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