17 year old male presented in emergency with left leg as in the pic...No H/O of burn or trauma...H/o of Pleural effusion with pleural tapping done...unavailable drug history....the condition developed over a period of 25 days....loss of sensation and loss of movement...the wound is extremely foul smelling but dry...no H/o of any chronic disease



There is total dry gangrene of the lower limb Below Knee.The cause appears to be occlusion of popleatal or femoral artery as in thrombo embolism. Arterial doppler study, arterial angiography will be confirmative,Plan for the amputation of limb after attending the cause of Thrombo embolism.

critical lower limb ischemia resulted Dry gangrene,thrombosis of main artery of limb near knee most possible, doppler /ct angio of lower limb will helpful for level of amputation.managementof sepsis is also reauired

its dry gangrene due to critical limb ischemia, probably thrombosis of popliteal artery. do a ct angio to confirm level of block and plan amputation level accordingly as limb cant b salvaged.

ho pleural effusion followed by dry gangrene due to arterial occlusion ...rule out infective endocarditis along with arterial doppler get an 2dcho also

pvd dry gangrene get doppler and also needed gt ct angio dz and therapeutic also if any thrombosis present...

it's gangrene,may be because of thrombosis in arterial supply,Will require amputation at the level of knee

this is a case of dry gangrene...history suggests embolic events hence the condition

rule out diabetes. advice doppler. take expert advice. I think dry gangrene

Its a dry gangrene Sr needs arterial Doppler & plan fr above knee amputation

Dry gangrene Rheumatic Heart disease Adv color doppler

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