17 years male, having this type of white lesions 4-5 numbers inside the mouth.pain /inflame during eating.Please DX and Rx



Aphthous ulcer. Avoid spicy,acidic food and beverage during exposure. No specific treatment . Give folic acid with vit B9 daily. Analgesics orally to reduce pain. Boroglycerine topically will helpful with care for Oral hygiene.

Thanks Dr Geetika.

Aphthous ulcer.

Aphthous stomatitis

Its apthous ulcer doctor ,he need to visit the dentist for a complete oral.orophylaxis... adv.b complex followed Bt hiora.s.g gel application

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Aphthous ulceration.usually on labile mucosa.a lot of precipitating factors one of those being stress . Topical ointment to reduce discomfort , tetracycline mouth rinse qid if severely painful and if recurrent you can also consider prescribing albendazole

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Apthous ulcer.. Symptomatic treatment... Dentogel topical ointment. B complex , analgesics to reduce pain.. Chlorhexidine mouthwash & good oral hygiene

Apthous ulcer Topical dentogel Becosules Avoid spicy and hot food or beverages

Apthous Ulcer....

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