17 yr boy has tinea capitis since one month , my question is tht ; along with antifungal tt ; should we give intraleaional steroid to grow hair .adviced medicine is minoxidil 5 % ; multivitamin ; tab itracanazole 200 mg ; ketacanazole cream 2 % ; ketacanazole & zinc pyrithione shampoo due to complain of seborrhoea.plse guide me



Alopecia areata

Tinea capitis (alopecia Areata ) Itraconazole 200mg od Zocon 150mg weekly Multivitamins and antioxidants orally. Ketoconazole soap,sampoo and lotion. Clean area with diluted betadine lotion apply calamine lotion locally than lulliconazole oint locally. Needs further investigations including KOH mount test and evaluation of reports to confirm diagnosis. Improve general health and personal hygiene. Vit E locally can be helpful sometimes.

Thanks Dr Sunita.

T capitis ,use Griseofulvin ,dose is 11mg/kg per day in single or two divided doses for 4-6 weeks ,use ketoconazole shampoo ,I think there is no need of any intraleisonal steroid or use of any other agent on name of regrowth of hairs ,they will grow once we treat this infection

Respected Doctor, It looks more of Alopecia Areata to me... Because there is hardly any scaling as seen in Tinea capitis Get a KOH MOUNT- hair plucking for fungal elements for confirmation.

Kkk thank u doc .pt has history of seborrhoea & lesion if u see closely there are black dot which resembles to tinea capitis. But for confirm diagnosis I will go for KOH mount test

Treat times capitis first, The DOC is Tab.Griseofulvin if pt less than 50kg give 15_20mg/kg per day for 6_8wks along with all above...

Thx a lot

Tinea Capitis (Alopecia areata) Proper treatment as per disease.


Alopecia areata

Its absurd to use multidrug treatment, give anti fungal itrconazole 200 mg daily for 7 days repeat next month, local application terbinafine or clobetasole with itraconazole may be used. No minoxidil, Three months continue local treatment is needed, also use oral therapy every month for three months, no steroid should be used vit E should be given for one month

Any associated allergies? Autoimmune disease? Gluten sensitivity? ( Also Family history) It is alopecia Areata On examination : exclamatory Mark hairs, black dots - hair distruction in follicle. Clobetasol local application Sunscreen Avoid gluten diet if gluten sensitivity.

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