17 yr male patient. Was present as a small plaque since birth. Gradually increased to present size in past 4 years. Asymptomatic. Ulceration present on the upper part of the swelling. Kindly opine on DDs and management.


Site please.. Is it scalp

Yes back of the scalp

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@it appeared to me on face in front of the ear. Hair margin visible on neck behind the ea The pt is male aged 17 yrs My dd is in confirmity with. my visble imoressions and history piven. The hard nut to crack is that it is present since birth. IS THE INFORMATION RIGHT ..? .@

Sir the lesion in present on the back of the scalp and after too much of enquiry frm the parents and attendants they told it's from birth

Wathin's tumor...uually in higher age group 40 to 50yrs age .mixed parotid tumor..same. Plemorphic adenoma. Lymhadenoma .from the perotid gland lymh node....likely as per agewise. Biopsy confirmation. Benign. Tr. Excission. .

Looks like a ladys hat over the occiput and back of neck..... plexiform neuro angio . Fibro ...lipo ..... now sarcoma..

Xray first. Fnac. Excision .Neuro opinion if rrquired.

May be plexiform neurofibroma

I agree with Dr.R Ramanathan.

Nevus sebaceous