Restlessness with frequent motion of feet and hands

29 years/male complaint of restlessness with frequent motion of feet and hands since 7 months aggravation- stress, fear amelioration- when unnoticed no other complaint thyroid- normal Generals appetite, thirst- normal desire- sweets aversion- spicy things urine, stool- normal fear- height thermals- chilly mentally sympathetic reserved lack of confidence Suggest Investigations & medicine doctors



Abhyanga Ashwagandha Ekang veer ras Brahmi vati Jatamansyasi kwath. Exercise, yoga, pranayam, meditation
Constitutional best
Brahmi Vati Jatamansyadi kwath Saraswatarishta Ashwagandharishta Yoga pranayama,meditation,Music Therapy. Counseltation With Neurologist and Psychiatrist is more helpful.
Ati Pravratti because of Vata Vraddhi?
Ekangvir rasa Saraswataristha Aswagandha churna Bramhi vati Smritisagar rasa Avipittikar churna Avoid spicy food and pack food YOGA Meditation
Counselling is important with treatment Stresscom 1 BD with milk Panchgavya ghrit 1teaspoon with milk at night Nasya with ghrit BD 3-4drops
Adv Mri brain Start Ashwagandha + kaunch Churan Ekang veer ras Tab Tagar Sip mentat Brahmi ghrit Dashmularisht Anu tail for nasya
Shirodhara Abhyanga followed by patra pind sweda Internally, palsineuron Ashwagandha with milk Pratimarsha nasya with Anu tail
Dear Dr. Meenakshi Bisht Ma'am, Advice for the case. Ashwagandha lehyam 1 tsp BD with milk. Abhyanga with Ashwagandha tail.
Restless Legs Syndrome saraswatAarishta 2 tsp with warm water 3 times
Zincum met With constitutional remady
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