17year male. .sparse public and axillary hairs..management?



rule out androgen insensitivity syndrome,klinefelter syndrome fasting androgen profile, serum fsh,lh if the testes are not present in scrotum do an usg abdomen and pelvis to locate pelvis what abou the external genitalia,size and pigmentation? gynecomastia at puberty can be physiological too so we have to rule out the above said syndromes if still not resolved go for karyotyping.. please mention complete details of the boy like height,weight,family history??

*usg to locate testes.....sorry for the typo

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Examine for testicular volume, penile length, if T volume is less than 4ml, get LH and testosterone levels, although axillary and pubic hairs indicate pubertal status but not good markers of it. Need to look for other features of delayed puberty and hypogonadism

More Detailed hx needed. what abt other sexual developemnt...??? Tanner scale breast size..?? Genitals..?? kindly do Hormonal Profile USG Abdo+Pelvis can be Androgen insensitivity

Bilateral gynecomastia at the puberty disappear with time Symptomatic management with Vitamins supplementation

Bilateral gynaecomastia.

Test for FSH,LH,Testosterone, prolactin, E2 , Note size of the penis , testes state of virilisation voice. . etc. then refer to Andrologist.





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