17yr boy unable to sit, stand &walk. mmt in lower limb 2&upper limb 3 at dis time he is under treatment in apolo hospital delhi as diagnosis Spinal muscular dystrophy by neurophysician.



chest physio, maintain joint mobility, proper positioning, splints. maintain as much functionality as possible, for as long as possible.

Breathing exercise,stretching & strengthening of all 4 limb.back facilitation exercises.splint to prevent contracture. posture correction. spirometry to improve lung capacity. recreational activity will help.

breathing exercise, posture correction with applications of splint strengthening and active exercises

Spinal muscular atrophy is a progressive illness Physiotherapy is mainstay to prolong the functional capacity Energy conservation techniques,, correction of scoliosis,, breathing exercises are very helpful

breathing exercises,Spirometry,positioning,splints to prevent contractures, postural drainage on tilting table, active Rom exercises for all joints.

we can make him to do exercises regularly, to prevent further stiffness of joints , breathing exercises are most important, also he should be busy with his academic and recreation activities.

primarily surgical correction of scoliosis is recommended.. followed by this post operative treatment should focus on strengthing of core muscles along with synchronized breathing. core strengthning will help in movement transition from lying-sitting,sitting-standing.. proximal stability should be gained before gaining distal control.

I have to disagree with you. surgery will not give him any functional benefit. the disease is progressive and patient will keep on deteriorating. efforts should be aimed only at making his life comfortable. physiotherapy to maintain whatever mobility is left.

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make him thoaco lumbar splint# chest pt# strengthening exs for b/l ul & ll# same case I treated last year.

so what prognosis in yr case

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gentle strength exercise of both limb with physio and posture correction, and breathing exercise

breathing exercise, facilitation of back and chest muscle correct the posture and lower limb exercise may give all so lower limb joint compression with supportive standing

hydrotherapy may help
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