17yrs old male patient presented with pain in 37. Single visit RCT done. Manual H files used. In working length it's almost accurate bt in final post op iopar its gp extending beyond apex. Plz Give ur expert opinion. It should be repeated or should be kept under observation?



I see lot of casual approach haven known the error. Let me warn here humbly, that this could cause significant cytotoxicity of both commonly used cements, and gutta-percha following research studies. This cytotoxicity can induce periradicular inflammation, or necrosis of the periodontal ligament, Also note the proximity to inferior alveolar canal. If decided to leave as it is.....well pls keep the patient informed & also do write the same on the pricription paper in conclusion that patient is advised to revisit having informed of complications. This will save you to some extent if medicolegal issue. I say this having done my PGDMLC. (Mexico legal cases). A dentist may be held responsible for compensation and financial expenses of a patient for restoration of damage resulting from a dental procedure. Not always the patient comes back to report complication to the same doc. & more over it sounds unprofessional to take things so casual. It's always good practise to correct it. Anyways keep the patient informed & keep a copy/scan of your prescription. With Due apologies, (my intention here is share experiences.)

Thank you for the advice Sir

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Please take trouble to redo the rct...it's 3-4mm..even 1mm excess is not appreciated as it leads to many complications. Rc obturation is good but night have condesed excessively. Always keep .2mm less to cover up while condensing. Leaving for observation not advised. Or opt Apicosectmy if patient gets convinced & you feel so too.

Still pain then go for re rct there shld be accurate working length and yes gp cones during condensation not to be pushed more into the canal during lateral condensation

U might end up in separation of the g.p fragment which is over.... let's follow up this case, if the patient encounters problems then u have no other options left except repeating this.... otherwise keep it that way..... it's only my view, I don't disagree to my colleagues and seniors

Definitely re Rct .. required .. And use calcium dressing.. and proper irrigation .. if possible u can try wide the canal for better irrigation.. wait and watch after dressings . Sometimes early obturation and improper irrigation leads to failure.. good luck .. ..

I ll suggest to repeat X-ray on less exposer limit and different angulation I think it's just looking out of apex b/0 of root resorption

Periapical infection was before also ?? . If pain Persist then repeat. Otherwise this much is fine.

Over obturation .abcess Distaly caries excavation is needed Re rct . Apicectommy.

Re rct is the best option for this case as gp seems over approx 4 mm. Coz .5 mm over is even not appreciated as its a warning for the future that it may cause failure of treatment and also defame or spoil the practice. So its better to go fr RE RCT.


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