18 year male pt with c/o pain in rt.side chest fever off and on 14 days



pneumothorax ? Treatment. Inj Cetrioxozone 1 gram IV with RL. Inj Tobramycin IV BD. Tab Paracetamol SOS Tab Levocetrizine OD .Cap Multivitamins OD. Complete bed rest for minimum two weeks. Investigation for P Koch's too.

RT. tension pneumothorax. Need s immediate tube thoracostomy and investigation to find a cause for the same.

its lung collapse ,due to pnumonitis, check for sputum for AFB ,CBC and throat swab for culture and sensivity ,a cather in chest cab with water seal for re inflation of lung , fluid management ,a broad spectrum antibiotic for primary management. analgesics and antipyretics for fever and pan

progressive pneumothorax

n check for surgical emphysema n Icd should b done in this case..

Right sided pneumothorax with mediastinal shift to left

right pneumothorax

Rt pneumothorax. Rt intercostal intubation and symptomatic tt.

I agree with Dr. Vinay Ahuja.

Ruptured bullae,

ICTD rt side

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