18 year old female patient came in OPD with the bluish bulge over anterior part of tongue. It is soft and non tender. It is present since birth, gradually progressive. There is no other associated complain. No h/o addiction. Kindly suggest diagnosis and treatment.

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Doc based on the case history and clinical pic it goes more in favor of venous Malformation (low flow lesion).... Advise MRI and Ultrasonography which would be the best Imaging modalities in this case... Once it's get confirm u can go ahead with treatment... All the best.. Thank u

Lf carcinoma

AV Malformation...Colour doppler required...Blood platelet to rule out Kassabeit syndrome..Can go for local therapy like Sclerosant Setrol followed by excision of residual lesion


Hemengioma(AV malformation)

whatever the diagnosis, looks like av malformation. but i would like to say here is both hemangioma and av malformations are different entities.

Could be lymphangioma.

It's most likely a Haemangioma investigation ultrasound, angiography

Looks like an AV malformation. Please proceed with color Doppler, angiography. Decide on treatment - sclerosing agents followed by excision.

Hemangioma of the tongue

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