18 years female, complaints of this types of rash with itch. Dx and Rx.



This is called ICHTHYOSIS VULGARIS. Ichthyosis vulgaris is an inherited skin disorder in which dead skin cells accumulate on the skin in the form of thick ,dry scales. The scales of ichthyosis are called FISH SCALE DISEASE//FISH SKIN DISEASE. SYMPTOMS *Dry,scaly skin. *Tile like,small scales. *Deep , painful cracks on the skin. Symptoms worsen during cold,dry environment and resolve in warm , humid environment. CAUSES. It is commonly caused by a genetic mutation that is inherited from one or both parents. If genetic abnormalities aren't responsible for ichthyosis,it's called acquired ichthyosis. Acquired ichthyosis is associated with cancer,thyroid disease or AIDS. COMPLICATIONS. Cracks in the skin can lead to infections. MEDICATIONS. 1) Exfoliating creams and ointments. Containing alpha hydroxy acids,such as lactic acid and glycolic acid,help control scaling and increase skin moisture. 2 ) Oral tablets called Retinoids are used which reduce the production of skin cells. Take long soaking baths to soften the skin. After bath,apply moisturizer while the skin is still moist.Choose a moisturizer with urea and propylene glycol - chemicals that keep the skin moist. Petroleum jelly can be used.

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Ichthyosis Emollients Moisturising soap Liquid paraffin.

Ichthyisis vulgaris. I agree with Dr Suvarchala

icthyosis vulgaris

Ichthyosis vulgaris or xerosis


Severe XEROSES...* Ichthyosis Vulgaris....pls post complete history

Ichthyosis Vulgaris.... DEWORM De-Stress Hydrate Moisturise..


Icthyosis vulgaris...

Icthyosis vulgaris.

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