18 years old girl with such skin lesions ,mild itching, painful spreading in nature. subsided after antifungal therapy ( terbinafine) but recurrent. diagnosis and treatment....




No Sir... Reddish -flaky plaques It's Psoriasis.

Thanks. Treatment??

Contact allergic dermatitis Steroid or mix cream Antihistamines

Bilaterally symmetrical lesions on both feet. Diagnosis: Allergic contact dermatitis -- ?due to footwear . Can R/O tinea by skin scrapings for KOH

Thank you doctor

Contact dermatitis


Eczematous Dermatitis

Triben XT cream levocet tab kencort 4 Mg tablet canzol soap

Ebergen m cream xyxal tab kencort 4 Mg tablet polaramin tab

It's psoriasis Tab neotrixone 5 od once in 5 days Tab folic acid od Tab hydil 25 bd Cream COTARYL bd Cap vita A+E od

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