14 yr old female .these lesion from 2 days. dx and rx plzz


Thanks for remembering. Since papules and vesicles with fever and the leison with erythematous back ground appears to be transfermation to pustule likely diagnosis is varicel. It is unsual for pustule to occur in 2 days.so the duration of rash might be more or the vesicle is meddled y the pt. Pl find out exact details. Add antiiotic also to prevent for damage lomitation of facial skin.
Ty sir
Pustular acne Rx doxycline orally Mupirocin ont locally
Bullous i mpetigo
Bullous Impetigo
Chicken pox
Any fever?
Yes sir

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Chicken pox is associated with fever normally... Not the eruption with any fever ...
Pustular eruption with fever and 2 days duration . Chickenpox most likely .
It is Acne, with pustules Rx Broad spectrum antibiotic like Azythromycin
Acne Pustulosa should do cbc esr stool urine TFT LFT I wd.add HbA1c.
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