68 year Male, itching and pricking sensation over the mustache area since 30 years.. given history of powdery while rubbing on it. marked white patch after washing the face and burning. His BP normal and not known diabetic. what is the diagnosis? and treatment.?


Seborrheic Dermatitis / Tinea Barbae (??)
Thank you doctor.

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Thank you doctors for your good answers. No doubt, it could be SYCOSIS BARBAE caused by Staphylococcus. . The differentials are TINEA BARBAE PSORIASIS ACNE VULGARIS PSEUDOFOLLICULITIS BARBAE IMPETIGO.. Here Visual showing thick hyperkeratotic plugs with scaly lesions. Hairs intact in the lesions area indicates not TINEA. Powdery hyperkeratotic not erythematous base. So exclude the PSORIASIS. No sticky honey coloured lesions with oozing exclude IMPETIGO. Patient given history of Sinusitis, which is triggering factor of Sycosis. Treatment: Remove hyperkeratotic plugs with RF scraper under aseptic precautions and saline wash. Dermojet spray of triamcinolone and Amikacin... Mupirocin cream Tab ISOTRETINOIN 20 mg daily for 2 weeks will reduce the inflammation and hyperkeratosis.
Sycosis barbe Antibiotics , antihistamine and analgesics orally. Clean area with diluted betadine lotion apply vioform or cetavlex cream topically and calamine lotion than apply soframycin oint mixed with nevia cream in 1:3 ratio tds. Multivitamins and antioxidants orally. Sulphur 2%oint locally EOD can be helpful.
Thanks Dr Gurcharan singh.

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Tinea Barbae/ seborrheic dermatitis Antibiotics Antihistamine orally Tab flucon 150 alternative days use Cream mycoderm NM bd Multivitamin od
Tinea brabae Erythematous plaque or philtrum showing pustules of moustache
@Dr. P.kishore Kumar -seborrheic dermatitis?
Neurotic excitation..needs Counseling and anxiolytics
Sycosis barbe. Topical & systemic Antibiotics.
Tinea Barbae. ? Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. ?
Sychosis not Psychosis.....sorry
Thank you doctor.
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