47 y/o male patient. Started chest pain half an hour ago. He is smoker. He hasn't cardiac pathology in his story. First ang second ECG . Second one wanted after increase his pain when observed and waiting biochemistry marker. What is your opinion?


Ecg is showing dynamic ST T wave changes In V5 and V6 T waves inversion in inferior leads Manage as ACS Will need CAG
1st ecg LAD LAHB Large u wave in v2, v3 T wave inversion in inf leads 2nd ecg As above + T wave inversion start in v5, v6 Inferiolateral ischemia
It may be inf wall ischemia since there is no qs pattern only negative complex with t wave inversion in leads I I. III avf
old inf wall infarction with fresh lateral wall ischemic changes...
old inf wall MI with st t changes in lateral leads.
Get the 2decho done then for CAG IF NEEDED
ACS t wave inversion in 1,v5,v6
Ischemic changes lat leads LAD
lateral wall T. inversion
Is pt hypertensive?
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