Constipation in children

What is the MINIMUM age to give PEG and lactulose for functional constipation in children?



Lactuloae any age. PEG > 1 yr
6 months
Sir, for both of lactulose and PEG???
However in children <1 year of age, the only drug recommended is lactulose/lactitol. (ii) In case of non- response or intolerance due to non-palatability to PEG, the second line of treatment is lactulose/lactitol which is safe for all ages.
Yes can be given. By theory it is around 18-24 month but recent retrospective chart reviews have shown that PEG can be effective, safe, and well tolerated in children younger than 2 years of age 1 month of age for lactulose
I fill less then one year Lactulose is indicated More then one year you can give PEG
Give lactulose 30 ml 1 HS...or sos
Safe to 24 months of age.