19 y.o man with recurrent upper and lower respiratory infections. Bronchoscopy was just completed. Seminal Fluid Comment: ONLY MOTILITY ORDERED FLUID VOLUME. . . <0.5 L (1.5-5.0) mL SFL SPERM M/100 . . . 60% (NORM>50%) Result Comment: 50% RAPID AND 50% SLUGGISH Result Comment: PERIOD OF ABSTINENCE FROM EJACULATION - 2 DAYS. Help in diagnose the condition and managing the case.




Situ's in versus Immotile cilia syndrome Due due immotile cilia pt gets bronchiectasis Pt gets recurrent sinusitis sometimes sinuses may be absent Pt gets immotile sperms There is no trtmt of underlying cause Only bronchiectasis can be taken care of It is kartagren syndrome named after the doctor who first described it It was this finding of immotile cilia that led to the idea that bronchiectasis can be congenital

Sinusitis situs inversus

Thanks sir

Situs inversus with sinusitis. Katagener syndrome.

This is a syndrome of cystic fibrosis, sinusitis, dextrocardia ( situs invertus should be looked into) & testicular immaturity. ? Kartagener's syndrome

Sinusitis, situs inversus...Kartagener syndrome

Yes its Kartagener Syndrome

Kartagener syndrome..

Excellent sir yes its Kartagener Syndrome


I hope pt reported with respiratory issue. Bronchoscopy done. Have they taken Bx? If not then what was the scopy remark? Why seminal fluid comments require? Is that the pt is reported with 1° or 2° infertility?

Sinusitis, situs inversus, bronchiectasis, infertility all are suggestive of kartagener syndrome

What is the difference between kartagener syndrome and Cystic Fibrosis???

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