A 31 year old male c/o pain and block in the left ear for one week, then tinnitus in the same side taken antibiotic ear drops , no improvement is there. then do CT para nasal sinus is taken. A soft tissue growth on the left maxillary sinus is seen. diagnosis and management..


The patient is suffering from maxillary sinusitis, this soft tissue swelling might be compressing muscle of the ears with is blockiN eustacian tube Resulting in decrease in pressure in middle ear and bulging of ear drum inwards This bulging of eardrum is associated with pain and tinitus Treatment shud consist of Nasal decongestant spray and nasal irrigation and oral anti histamine shud be initiated Hope this helps.. Regards
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on ct there is DNS to rt, paradoxical middle turbinate &inferior turbinate on rt, concha bullosa on lt,obstruction of maxillary ostium with mucosal thickening on lt side s/o chr sinusitis. So first go for conservative management with decongestant nasal drop, antiboitics(macrolides), steam inhalation,antihistaminics with ambroxol for 6 wk if not subsides then go for FESS.
Left maxillary sinusitis with narrowing of the left maxillary antrum. Usually this is due to inflammatory cell infiltrate in the subepithelium. Treatment is nasal decongestant, oral antihistamines. Surgical removal of the lymphoid tissue.
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What are the otoscopic findings? What are the nasal endoscopy findings? The diagnosis will be based on that. In the absence of these finding, it seems to me just inflamatory oedema in the maxillary sinus on left side. The ear problem can be explained the inflamatory oedema of eustachian tube leading to ear pain & tinnitis
mucosal left maxillary sinus due to obstruction symptoms due to swelling part pressing the eustacian tube of ear.so give him nasal decongestants nd antihistamines with montelukast.with add some antibiotic like azithromycin ...may be it's improve if recurrent then go fo surgery
Mucosal thickening in Lt.max.sinus due to Omu obstruction.Lt.ear symptoms r due to eustacian dysfunction. The treatment is nasal decongestants and antihistamines with montelukast. If symptoms are recurrent consider Fess
it's chronic sinusitis.give higher antibiotics,antihistaminic drug.Then go for Caldwell Luc operation sos
left e tube blockage Nasal drops mucolytic agent Antibiotic Anti inflammatory Don't use ear drops
Inflammatory soft tissue in left maxillary sinus suggestive of sinusitis.
Dear Dr Rajarajan, the case you posted looks like Temporomandibular Dysfunction Syndrome, all the symptoms are quite confirmation along with the CT sections of the TMJ!. The thickening of the sinus lining has nothing to do with this ! You may refer the patient to ' The right bite Craniofacial pain care at Kochi' ph: 0484-4050002 , for conclusive Tt for this particular Pt ! Regards Dr Tatu
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