18 year old girl Anemic patient body ache weakness headache Epigestric abdomen pain anxiety suggest Dx and Rx

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Adv PBF BLOOD B12 LEVEL Usg abdomen Pt is anaemic MCHC suggest macrccytic anaemia Give BT C METHYLCOBALMINE +FOLIC ACID ORALLY Hirgt protien diet
Reaf micro in place macro Oral iron after BT GREEN VEGETABLES TO BE ADD
This pt. Is hvng microcytic hypochromic anaemia secondary to iron deficiency. But why such a severe anaemia? Send iron studies. Rule out menorrhagia, g.I losses, coeliac disease, stool microscopy and occult blood. Wt is her reticulocyte count? If less than 1%, think of pure red cell aplasia as one of the differentials. Treatment is to give packed cell transfusions, iron supplements with zinc, copper and vit c, folate and b12 supplements, anthelminthic treatment. Rest of the treatment as per cause. For a specific etiological diagnosis, one can go fr bone marrow studies
Haemogram suggest hb5.7,anisocytosis with piokilocytosis. Microcytic hypochromic anaemia.. bilirubin levels normal. No parasite or eosinophil count raised, suggest nutrional /iron deficiecy anaemia . Treatment . 1Whole blood or packed cell. Transfusion .2 Serum iron study .3 deworming with bandy plus tablet .4 green leafy vegetables, date ,sugar cane juice in diet. And later ferrus ascorbate with folic acid tablet suplimentation
Microcytic hypochromic anemia, Take menstrual history Inv : Peripheral smear, Iron profile, Consult OnG, USG abd n pelvis. If patient is not hypoxic, better to give iron infusion after diagnosis of IDA, than blood transfusion.
Transfuse 2pints packed cells,investigate cause for anemia could be menorrhagia,treat the cause check usg pelvis,for uterus and ovaries,magenta,haemorrhoids or nutritional
Correction of anemia required first.With a observation on corrected reticulocyte count.
This bodyache, headache, anxiety mostly due anemia.... Rule out pathology of epig pain...? may be PUD?.. whats USg report.. From blood picture its mixed type anemia iron and b12 deficiency . but mcv here decreased ... So start iron, b12, vit c.... Idealy needs blood transfusion as PRBC units.. Send stool for occult blood, ask history of hrmatochezia or melena.... Rule out Ulcer disease or plan for endoscopy if no improvement
Please give packed cell infusion till Hb is around 10gms, investigate for cause of anaemia as detailed history not available , please add deworming agent till reports available, suggest to@@ @ repeat investigations from another lab for discrepancy to be ruled out
It is microcytic hypochromic anemia most probably due to iron deficiency. It's a severe anemia so sud at least 2 Unit blood transfusion nd iv iron given For 5 days nd then iron tab ..
It microcytic anamia prev post macro shkild resvised print mistake add oral iron after BT ALBENDAZOL T REST TT AD MY PREVIOUS POST
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