19y/o Male with complaint of intermittent fever since 7 days, and itching all over body with abdominal pain since 4 days. Itching and abdominal pain has been resolved and the admission to hospital. Dengue investigation is negative. Below are his reports. What would the diagnosis and treatment be?



Fever with thrombocytopenia Itching present look like viral fever dengue like illness liver enzymes raise it also seen in scrub typhus malaria and leptospirosis and hepatitis e tab doxy 100 mg bd should be added iv fluids and daily CBC . antimalarial also consider

? Viral fever with thrombi cut open in As per current symptoms this is resolving stage of dengue fever.. Go for dengue serology


Dengue negative - What investigation done for dengue??

Serology was done or NS 1 Ag? Malaria serology?

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? Viral fever ? Denque fever


Invective Hepatitis pre icteric Follow up ..Will exhibit sings and symptoms of Information hepatitis

Check for hepatitis and its suggest resolving stage of dengue fever

Dengue with hepatitis??

Rept S. Bilirubin and rule out hepatitis

Do dengue ns1 its dengue hemoregic fever do also widal mp leptospira

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