3 months Old ; Peripheral Smear Hb - 4.4 gm/ dl TLC - 14,400 / Cumm Platelets - 80,000/cumm


PS shows anisopoikilocytosis predominantly microcytic hypochromic RBCs with the presence of schistocytes, polychromasia and nucleated red cells. Platelets reduced. Advised: HB electrophoresis/HPLC. Also need further evaluation for other causes of hemolytic anaemia.
Dimorphic picture with normoblasts ,fragmented RBC and polychromatophils with Howell Joly bodies .also noted are occasional sickle cells Imp.sickle cell anaemia
Anisopokilocytosis(++) Microcytic(++) hypochromic(+) Schistocytes seen nRBCs seen Features are those of haemolytic anemia. HPLC to rule out hemoglobinopathies.
Anisopikilo ++ micro ++ hypo + polychromasia + Few uncleared rbc and Howell jolly bodies . Advice Hb electrophoresis and iron profile and S. LDH, Retic count
Microcytic hypochrmic, spherocytes,polychromatophils,nRbc, schistocytes,tear drop cells-Hemolytic Anemia, cause may be drug induced,or thalassemia
Micro macro Spherocytes Tear drop cells Polychromstophilic cells NRBCS Features are of Haemolytic Anaemia Haemolytic Profile will be helpful
Dimorphic picture with predominantly tear drop cells spherocytes n rbcs suggestive hemolytic anaemia
Pbs shows polychromasia and schistocytes (fragmented red blood cells) suggests TTP, HUS.
Dimorphic picture with tear drop cells, spherocytes, nrbcs, polychromatophilic cells
Shows haemolytic anaemia .Adv Hb elctrophoresis to rule out thalessemia major
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