A Woman presented with chronic headache. Paranasal sinus CT images are attached here. your opinion?

Lt frontal sinusitis with polypoid mass in Lt ethmoid sinus. Slight encroachment onto Lt medial rectus muscle by slight destruction of lamina papiracea. Needs FESS
Left frontal mucocele. With eye ball shifted forward and downward. Other DD are Lacrimal gland neoplasm, frontal sinus neoplasm. Looks like CT is of a patient who underwent uncinectomy and a wide middle meatal antrostomy.
?Lt frontoethmoid mucocele with orbital compression B/l MMA post surgical Lt frontal sinusitis with bony wall erosion ?fungal Adv.cect brain and pns
Left frontal sinusitis with ethmoidal mucocoele or neoplasm. Please do a diagnostic nasal endoscopy and take biopsy of the mass if possible
marked thinning and bowing of the medial left orbital wall present with slight encroachment on to the left medial rectus muscle.
The soft tissue within the left frontal sinus extends through the floor of the sinus and into the superior orbit .
A mass seen extending inferiorly through the frontal ethmoidal recess on the left and into the left ethmoid sinus.
High attenuating soft tissue density completely opacifies the left frontal and left ethmoid sinuses.
There is soft tissue expansion of the left ethmoid, with associated bony remodeling of the sinus.
Lt frontal sinusitis with frontal mucocele, post operative status of maxillary and etmoids
Treatment Fess
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