16yr/F. fever Since 5 days Dengue NS1 Positive TLC 2,900.....P 77% L 20% BP 70/50 Pulse 112 .............................. Please better suggestion.@Abdul Hameed Ansari @Anoop Kumar Modi


Admission, child has dengue shock syndrome, BP 70/50, leukopenia NS1 Positive.Fluid 7mlperkg .monitor vitals including spo2,BP, maintain bp at100/70.Dont overcorrect. Rest supportive treatment like paracetamol. Do widal mp ,chikungunya, hepatitis,leptospirosis in post flood situation,rickettial fever as mixed inf are known and should never be missed.
Fluid of choice is NS, give boluses of NS monitor HCT, platelets not needed, do pT, APTT, INR if deranged vit k, if leaks of plasma present then FFP, Albumin etc
Monitor platelets as well.to know progress.No pt has died of platelet deficiency, it's the shock that kills pts in Dengue.
Hct monitoring is very important
It's dengue for sure as there's leukopenia too . R/o typhoid too . Monitor platelet count n hct . Maintain BP . Give only paracetamol for fever .
Case of dengue shock syndrome. Maintain fluid level,BP,Pulse , platelet count monitoring. Immature platelet count is must.
Platelets...? Ivf - R/L Monitor BP Symptomatic treatment
Mx as a case of dengue shock syndrome
Hospitalise her for Hydration.