kindly comment on the anomaly and what can be the probable cause of it.What precautionary steps for future pregnancy...


Congenital hydrocephalus. Probable cause can be either mentioned below. 1. Aqueductal stenosis. 2. Neural tube defects. 3. Arachnoid cysts 4. Arnold Chiari malformation 5. Dandy Walker syndrome. 6. Maternal infection-Rubella. Prevention. •Periconceptional folic acid 5 mg od. •Immunisation of mother in case its not rubella in this case.(because if the cause is rubella now that means the mother is already infected and hence no role of immunisation further)
Thank u sir for the answer..the USG mentioned macrocephaly in this Patient admitted to our side in emergency nd she was operated with CPD..the patient had two Previous normal issues..
Also rule out toxoplasma for recurrent hydrocehalus in future pregnancy
Hydrocephalus.....Dr see for Rh incompatibility also

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