25 years male having this type of swelled node on left neck.kindly DX and Rx


Multiple matted cervical lymph nodes S/O Tubercular Lymphadenitis. CBC,ESR, Mantoux test,FNAC Treatment: Doxycycline 100mg BD, Aceclofenec Serratiopeptadase (100+15mg)BD to start, after getting report possibility to start with ATT cat 1. DD 1 Lypoma 2 NHL 3 Reactive Lymph nodes
Multiple matted lymphnodes looks to be cervical tubercular adenitis. Cbc esr mt test and one of nod send for excision biopsy to confirm rx will be ATT . Till than coverage by broadspectrum antibioticslike Amoxyclav 625mg 1x2times for 7days and antiinflamatory enzoflam
Thanx dr Ankit Tyagi
Cervical lymphadenopathy Needs further investigations and evaluation to conclude for management purpose. Biopsy and culture report to start. Antibiotics orally. Analgesics for pain. Multivitamins and antioxidants orally.
Thanks Dr Rajesh.
Cervical lyphadinitis To r /o kochs Exision biopsy, FNAC, ESR, CBC USG NECK Biopsy tissue send for AFB C /s Confirm Then start ATT. Symtomatic Rx Tab augmentin 625mg tds Tab metro 400 tds Tab voveran SR 75MG BD Tab pan 40mg BD
Consistency, tenderness Nd mobility of lymph node. Any Other lymphadenopathy.oral cavity Nd oraopharyngeal examination. Usg neck and FNAC , if swelling doesn’t decrease in size after 10days of oral antibiotics Nd antiinflammatory.
On examination If it is a cyst than aspirate and send investigation for C/S, gram stain and afb and i fa lymph node than take biopsy and send for same investigation..till than put him on amoxyclav
Matted cervical lymphnodes ,most probably tubercular lymphadenitis ,if there is any fluctuation then drain it and send for CBNAAT ,must take support of cbc /esr/mt /cxr pa view
Looks like matted nodes. If it is painful let him have a course of antibiotics. If swelling persists or is painless to begin with please do FNAC
Seems to be matted glands. CBC ESR and FNAC. Till that acourse of Antibiotics and anti inflammatory tbs should be given for 10 days.
Adenitis neck advised complete cheeckup for source of infection advised biopsy under cover of antitubercular treatment
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