M60. General body ache,pain &swelling lt.clavicle.

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Pathological # it clavicle with multiple lytic lesions of bones suggest MULTIPLE MYELOMA?
Multiple myeloma. Lytic lesions all over with # Lt. clavicle
Multiple myeloma seems most provisional diagnosis but cannot stamp it till we get plasma cells status in marrow, tissue with biochemical parameters. So should evaluate

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Lt clavicle fracture
Multiple lytic lesions pelvis, fracture clavicle, Should rule out malignancy like multiple myeloma by doing lft, albumin globulin ratio, protein electrophoresis, light chain, bm studies etc. Check for anaemia, hypercalcaemia, creatinine. Other cancer like lung, sometime prostate also should be rules out
Lytic lesions involving the outer 3rd of both clavicles and diffuse lytic lesions of visualised bones 60 years old male with multiple lytic lesions First possibility is multiple myeloma
Multiple lytic lesions.....In pelvis clavicle....fracture left clavicle..Age 60 and sex male ..so Overall suggestive of multiple myeloma as per given limited information
Permeative destruction with multiple lytic lesions, pathological clavicle fracture, severe osteopenia- multiple myeloma. DD lymphoma, extensive lytic Mets.
There are lytic areas in both clavicle Both proximal humerus Both proximal femur Could be malignant MRI both shoulders
Multiple lytic areas in bl clavicles, proximal humerus n pelvic bones.. Mets / multiple myeloma
Multiple myeloma, secondaries and brown tumour are the D/D
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