10years child with middle1/3 root fracture after trauma,Any suggestions for management???

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Is the coronal portion totally inclined? Clinical pic? If just displaced...reposition the coronal portion at the earliest...Check the position in two different angles. Stabilize it with flexible splint...GC perio or Ortho Titanium (nickle free). Observe for 4 weeks. Evaluate every week. For any pulp necrosis...RCT is needed later. Needs a post too leaving the apical GP. If repositioning is not achieved...pls extract, Do not attempt. Pt needs Counselling & no promising attempt as last resort. Some docs prefer Extraction- graft - Implant (later) too Your discretion/experience vs pts wish/ trust
Yes sir nicely explained

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Since pt is young...u can take chance to save tooth....if trauma is fresh then u should first put splint to decrease mobility but keep in mind that tooth root should be placed in proper position .check it by xray...then do endo tt by MTA only in coronal segment ...bcoz in such cases apical segment vitality can be saved. Put splint for 2-3 weeks...after that again evaluate the case by xray n clinical signs...if all seems ok then it could be saved ...otherwise finally extrct it...
Extraction is the only choice.... The main question is how to replace it in a young person...... Fpd should be given at the age of 17...... Implant.... Same problem..... The face is to grow yet.... Either plan an rpd that should be changed periodically.... Please advise@Dr. N. Guru Raj @Dr. Narayana S @Dr. Mehraj Din @Dr. Chandrasekhar Lakkoju
Vertical root fracture Treatment splinting 4 weeks then RCT for coronal part if you can do RCT for apical this is better but if cannot extraction the apical part
Prognosis is poor You can try - apply splint to prevent mobility - make RCT for coronal part - follow up - if there is failure go for extraction
Root fracture.. Extraction is the best choice. Then crown n bridge
@Dr. Vishal Gupta
Thank u sir. It vary from cases to case. If fibrous healing is there in extraction part. It wont fix. Immediate repositioning n splinting required. Check vitality. If positioned properly. With time it heals. I have a journal. Will search n post. Rct can b done n gp should not cross fracture line. I mean not go to apex. http://www.ejgd.org/article.asp?issn=2278-9626;year=2014;volume=3;issue=1;spage=75;epage=78;aulast=Sathyanarayanan

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I totally agree with Dr,narayna sir
Root fracture. Go for extraction
Agreed with all
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