Girl aged 8 years presents with 4 small eruptions of slightly different sizes over the dorsum of the left thumb, skin over the DIPJ. Greyish in colour, firm to feel. These are not nodular, not warty, not vesicular, not Pustular. Mild itching present. This is the third time the child is getting this in 4 to 5 years. Each time same place. Same number of leisions but were little smaller in size. Was given cetaphil power by some Doctor and it subsided. Twice it subsided with out treatment. Please diagnose and manage.


Callous formation on the thumb..child might be having thumb sucking habbit. Check for the dentition.. the habbit might have taken toll on dentition as well. If so, habbit breaking appliance, counselling of the patient, thumb guard to be recommended.
Not callous Sir
Pyogenic Amoxy clav 625 half tds Pcm+ ibu half tab bd Fucidine oint locally Adv... X ray ,cbc,cbs,and culture.
Thanks Dr Manoja Raulo
Pyogenic infection Amoxy clav 375 tds
Pyogenic infection.
Pyogenic infection
No signs of infection Sir. It is somewhat firm
Thanks everyone. But I couldn't come to a conclusion because it does not fit in to any condition. In the photograph it looks umbilicated but to see there is no umbilcation. Why it should recur in same place and same number of leisions? I don't know!
Abscess thumb over a callosity. Incision and drainage followed by oral antibiotics- Amoxyclav
Since it is recurrent xray thumb to exclude osteomylitis
It is superficial sir
Central umbilication + Probably molluscum contagiosum
Abscess needs incision and drainage and antibiotics
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