MOHFW Guidelines- Immunization Services during and post COVID-19 Outbreak

In alignment with the area categorization, immunization services will be classified under two heads: 1. Immunization in Containment & Buffer zone 2. Immunization in areas Beyond Buffer Zone and Green Zone As a standard practice, Immunization services are delivered through the following modes: 1. Birth dose vaccination: Birth dose vaccinations at delivery points in health facilities. 2. Health Facility based sessions: Immunization sessions at fixed health facilities like DH, CHC, PHC, SC etc. 3.Outreach sessions: As part of Urban/Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Days (UHSND/VHSND) services. In Containment & Buffer Zone- No health facility based & outreach session will be done In Areas beyond buffer & green zone, health facility based & outreach session will be done In Containment & Buffer Zone- No active mobilization to the health facility be carried out.  Every opportunity is to be utilized for vaccinating beneficiaries if they have already reported at the facilities.  Ensure social distancing and hand washing etc as outlined in the annexure, to be adopted at health facility level for vaccinating the pregnant women and children who have reported to these facilities. In Areas Beyond Buffer Zone and Green Zone- One outreach session will be planned for <500 population to limit the total beneficiaries to 10 to 15/session. A staggered approach will be followed for each session to avoid crowding.  At any a given time during session, not more than 5 persons should be present at a session site with at least 1-meter distance between each.  The organization of such session will be at the discretion of district administration with clear planning for social distancing and handwashing at session site.  Various approaches outlined in the annexure need to be adopted while organizing a session for the prevention and control of COVID-19. Standard Guidelines for all Outreach Sessions irrespective of zones  Universal prevention and control principles for COVID-19 to be followed for each session  All outreach sessions to follow staggered approach as outlined in the annexure and community mobilization strategy to be adapted accordingly to prevent overcrowding at session site.  Pre-identification of session site with adequate seating space for beneficiaries and caregivers while maintaining social distancing (at least1-meter gap) with clear area of demarcation for incoming beneficiaries, post vaccination waiting area and a reserve zone if gathering increases  Support from Panchayat/Urban Local Body to be sought for identification of appropriate session site with adequate space to practice social distancing (at least 1 meter).  Various ‘session’ approaches in line with the flow diagram outlined below is to be adopted in all districts for immunization services. To read more-


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This pandemic situation has helped us create many basic guidelines in place for such emergency situations. And many more we are going to need in the time following.
Good information..for me as I am working for public health so i got imp suggestion to supervise n manage vaccination sessions ..
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