What do you see here?

47 yo Female. Appendectomy 25 years ago. She came with constipation of 4 days of evolution and abdominal pain of 12 hours of evolution. Abdominal CT shows a high-grade closed-loop intestinal obstruction. Exploratory laparoscopy was performed. What do you see?

Intestine looped in such a way to make obstruction due to thick adhesions. Adhesiolys is in process in the lap clip.
It seems to be post operative band obstruction Exploratory laparotomy with release of the band.
This is looking like adhesion formed the band causing intestinal obstruction
Tubular structure likely appendix or mackel's diverticula
Thanx dr Vipin Bihari Jain
It seems to be a case of band obstruction post operative.
Bands due to previous surgery....band excision and ligation should be done.
Post operative adhesions with intestinal obstruction.
Adhesive band causing intestinal obstruction
Mackel's Diverticula