10yrs boy having this type of rash all over body since 10to15days With itching what's diagnosis and treatment!!


Advice Rakta Shodhan Chikitsa - Mahamanjishthadi Kashaya 5ml BD - Kaishor Guggulu 1 tab BD - Gandhak Rasayan 1 tab BD Neem Soap for bath
Varicella rash will not last for 15 days and there is mild itching. So it is a case of infected scabies. Treatment. 1 tab . amoxyclav 625 mg B.D for 7 days 2 Tab albendazole 400mg +Ivermectin 6 mg for three days 3 Start applying scabicidal lotion after3 days once infection settles 4.Under garments to be washed in boiling water to prevent recurrence
Kandy with pedikaye pt take bath with neem boiled water twice in a day apply jatyadi tail +maricyadi tailam after bath take gandhak rasyan vati 2tab in day vidangadi vati 2tab bd aarogyaverdhani 2tab in day 15 days thanks n regards
Looks like Papular urticaria...But rule out infected Scabies.. Ask if any other family members have rash as Scabies is highly is contagious
Infected scabies tetmasol soap permethrin cream application at night after bath cetrizine,paracetamol cefadroxyl 500 @BD
Papular urticaria is more closer, varicella can't go on for 15 days.
scabies treatment amoxyclave .levocetris.abz plus.permite cream
scabies..permethrin5% ,bb lotion.amoxyclav625mg BD,albendazole
In homoeopathy.... give Sulphur 200 single dose only.
marichadi Taiwan gandhakarasayanam sarvadyarista syup
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