Multiple scales on both posterior aspect of both foot without itching and also seen in both external aspects of both elbows since 6 months. diagnosis? and treatment?


Multiple scaly flaky lesions --- PSORIASIS VULGARIS - Topical Clobetasol + Calcipotriol at Night - Salicylic Acid + Coal Tar at Noon - Good Moisturizers, NMF-e Urea, 4hry * 90days.
Confined borders with silvery scales on external aspects more favour to PSORIASIS VULGARIS. TREATMENT Morning salicylic acid cream 6% topical application. Night Tacrolimus cream Tab Mext 7.5 3doses Cap vitamin E daily morning
@Dr. P.kishore Kumar - psoriasis
Its a case of psoriasis vulgaris.
Is der any seasonal varyation?
Guttate PSORIASIS undoubtedly
More likely psoriasis
Psoriasis vulgaris
Psoriasis vulgaris
Psoriasis vulgaris
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