1mn old baby brought by parents with H/o Recurrent vomiting and low grade fever for 5 days, treated o/s by Ped. but not much improvement. No H/o of visible peristalsis and localised abd swelling . X ray images taken at weekly intervals.



The first x ray shows a grossly dilated stomach, and the next picture shows multiple distended loops of small bowel. This is hirshsprungs disease. Needs a biopsy from the agaglionic segment to confirm.

aspiration pneumonia single bubble- HPS ?NEC changes

1 mo old infant. 1sr X-Ray Chest & Abdomen shows Extensive Gastric dilatation. 2nd X-Ray Chest & Abdomen shows : MALROTATION, with gross Distension Abdonen. Needs Surgical intervention.

Congenital megacolon.

the pylorus is probably the culprit . put up a infant feeding tube , let the stomach get defaulted, go for a urografinn contrast x-ray of stomach with dj ! may be you'll find out , I probably have a feeling of IHPS/CHPS

single bubble gastric outlet obstruction.confirm it by usg.

Total intestinal aganglionosis

intestine obstruction c pneumonia

hirschsprungs disease

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