1n 1/2 yrs boy having this problem having 1 week. no fever. Plz Diagnosis.

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Impetigo contagiosum honey crusted lesions . give amoxicillin clavulanic acid at a dose of 40 mg/kg/day in two divided doses along with fusidic acid/mupirocin for tropical administration . U can add probiotics.

Impetigo contagiosum with superadded infection. Amoxyclav syrup for 7 days and mupirocin ointment topically

Bullous impetigo

Bullous impetigo... Local hygeine, topical mupirocin and oral cefalexin

impetigo contagiosum with sec 2


Impetigo contagiosum.Apply mupirocin ointment twice daily for 7days. Clavum syrup-5ml twice daily for 7days.

Impetigo contagiosum Oint fucidin bd

Impetigo contagiosum

@juber ahmad-impetigo contagiosum

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Bullous Impetigo