1n1/2 yr old male boy having this type of lesion since 4 day . Similar episode in past also but less in severity relieved by unknown medication



How many episodes? Any drug history? Fever?

No drug history or fever

please tell about the distrbution of lesion

contact dermatitis scabies atopic dermatitis need proper history and investigation

1.Acute urticaria 2.Measles ( Onset with fever and started behind the ear) 3.Milia

if h/of excessive sweating...or wearing sweater and sitting in front of a heater in winter can cause somewhat similar rash...specially with dry and sensitive skin...treatment old be find out the cause and treat symptomatic.

@Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad

Thank you for tagging me madam, I am looking at atopic or lichenoid reaction. The history is too acute to think of other possibilities. I have given my opinion but I would need some ideas from you.

?follicular eczema,atopic dermatitis

Scabies? Look for webs Any other member of the family suffering from same rashes

Allergic reaction Rx . Anti histamines Is it Associated with itching ?

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