1n1/2 yr old male boy having this type of lesion since 4 day . Similar episode in past also but less in severity relieved by unknown medication



Dr Akash & Dr Rashmi It's not Measles because it is a reddish maculo papular rash, not papulo nodular skin colored or reddish as is in this case. It's not scabies, because the time frame is too short to produce such an extensive presentation and its highly unlikely of scabies without excoriation and secondary infection. It's not Milia, since milia is monomorphic and looks like pearls, here the lesions are polymorphous. It's also not miliaria since it would show exfoliation with reddish papular lesions which is not the case. What I see is polymorphous, skin coloured to reddish extensive papulonodular lesions, 4 days duration which shows an acute reaction mostly possible with drug allergy, a lichenoid kind of drug allergy. Any history of contact allergy to washing powder not washed properly before drying, Medications prior to appearance of lesions, history of Atopic dermatitis to rule out follicular eczema should be asked.

Thanks a lot Dr. Avitus(ji) for your detailed explanations !!

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Acute urticaria



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How many episodes? Any drug history? Fever?

No drug history or fever

Allergic Dermatitis

Acute urticaria DD Atopic Dermatitis

?follicular eczema,atopic dermatitis

contact dermatitis scabies atopic dermatitis need proper history and investigation

Papular urticaria.

Urticaria which looks like papules with itching. It is recurrent. Respond to oral antihistaminic x 21 days and soothing agent locally. One should try to find the trigger and avoid it as far as practicable.

if h/of excessive sweating...or wearing sweater and sitting in front of a heater in winter can cause somewhat similar rash...specially with dry and sensitive skin...treatment old be find out the cause and treat symptomatic.

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