1yr old having rash sincr 1day spreading, not otchy no fever, no urti


Urticaria rule out h/o any drug intake. since u hv said pt doesnt have fever or URTI .. infectious cause seems unlikely. detailed history from guardian might give some clue to the cause.. adv oral antihistamines and topically calamine lotion.

which anti histamine you suggest mam?

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Can be urticaria, due to insect bite, spreading like what? Whether has spread to other parts, or there is just local spread. Good history will decide management. Broad management will consist of Antihistaminics as per weight, if insect bite I prefer to use a half daily allowed limit for that weight of PCM, along with any topical, even calamine will do. Observe



Rashmi Singh mama your views?

urticaria.if drug hist. present ask to avoid that drug in future.for now can gv levocet syrup n calamine lotion fr ext use

Atarax syrup

Erythema multiforme.how can urticaria present without any itching?It is erythema multiforme

erythema multiforme

definitely urticaria to know d cause is there any medication history

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