2 1/2 year, male, presented with abdominal pain n distension since today morning... one episode of vomiting non billous, n blood stained stool single episode.


2. 1/2 yr Abdomen pain, non-- Bilious vomit, with Blood stain stool. Need more work up : USG Abdomen, sepsis work up. First one has to R/O whether it is Acute Abdomen, or Medical management. Treatment accordingly.

most probably Volvulus..

1.Acute Intussuseption 2.Valvulus 3 3.Dysentery with paralytic ileus but no fever.


looks like Volvulus! Treat Accordingly...Sx Intervention!!! agree with Dr Mythily Mam!

Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

meckels diverticulum needs to be ruled out by meckel scan

#Volvulus Rule out Intussuception

intestinal obstruction, probably volvulus

rule out intussusception

less likely to be congenital pyloric stenosis b/c it usually presents within 1 month of age w/o dilated bowel loops on x-ray
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