2.6yr male child ..c/O. redness and ITCHING on opening of ureter from 3months ...given him clotrimazole and beclomethasone CREAM for local application...ANTI histaminic susp.and antibiotics for five days but no response is seen...plz advice exact treatment



Balanitis. Urethral meatus inf

Local irritation Local cleaning daily No treatment is required.

Irritation due to Smegma@ Clean daily with Soap & water

Yes it is smegma and needs daily cleanig nothing else i think there was no need of steroids. Yes if problem doesnot solve than circumcision is choice.

Irritation due to Smegma. Daily cleaning with Soap & water. Rx Circumcission is choice.

Allergic to the diaper.Apply local anti allergic ointt.Do urine exam.

Smegma irritation. Try saline wash

I agree with you sir


Daily cleaning throughly , no treatment required. Circumcision is of choice.

Local hygiene care

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