2/ m child . Spot diagnosis child suffering vomiting and fever


enteric perforation dngue related illness pertitonitis

Thank you doctor

Colon cut off sign present, indicating obstruction in the colon beyond splenic flexture ? Volvulus

Multiple air fluid levels. Possible Volvulus, malrotation, intestinal obstruction etc. X-ray doesn't involve diaphragm so pneumoperitoneum can't be seen for- perforation can't be ruled out. With history of vomiting and fever, Volvulus and Hypokalemic or septic ileus are more probable causes. Rule out Volvulus as it is surgical emergency.

Massive dilatation of colon Ogilvie's syndrome/ colonic pseudoobstruction


Thanks for openion but child never complaine any kind of pain abdomen

Pseudoobstrution with Gas under diapharam

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