2 manths ho gaya hai blackish spot.or mouth ulcer treatment bolo sir..



? Oral lichen planus

Oral lichen planus with anemia Do CBC with serum ferritin If there is iron deficiency start Inj Jilazo (iron maltoside 500mg) slowly infusion with DNS weekly for 4 weeks. Meanwhile treat with.. Tab-Wysolon 5mg 1 tds for 7days then 1bd for 5days Turmix mouth wash apply twice /day Cap Zevit 1 od at morning Tab BC flora 1 od hs Tab Lycostar 1 bd with antioxidants

Thanks a lot Dr Golam Mortuza Sir

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Oral Lichen Planus wid anaemia Rx-quit the habit Mouthwash No symptoms-Rx not required If symptomatic Rx-use topical corticosteroids -tacrolimus 0.1% twice a day for a period of 8 weeks. Ulcer-Dolo gel or Anabel gel

Glossitis with anaemia Mucopain for LA Cap flora BC BD x 10 days Cap rabikind D OD x 10 days Tab metro 400 tds x 7 days Do CBC Orofer xT 1 month Mactotal 1 month Avoid constipation and indigestion Avoid oily and spicy food Intake more water orally Uses Fibres Green leaf vegetables and fruits

Thank you doctor

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Chronic. Lesions.... ADVISABLE.... 1. COMPLETE. Blood /. URINE. Exam 2. Blood / URINE. Culture and. Sensitivity. Tests... 3. Rule out ... HEPATITIS.... HIV ...... 4. USG....... CHEST and Whole. abdomen..

Zytee gel ultrafolin 5mg tab becelac forte capsule rixdin mouth wash

CHRONIC glossitis of work infested & gross anaemia

Looks like oral lichen planus....

Anti helmentics

Lichen Planus

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