2 months baby with white coating on tongue. no feeding issues? Is it a coating or candidiasis? Management ?


Oral thrush

Oral thrush. Nystatin for fungal infection and acetaminophen for pain. If the baby is not able to suck milk then he mite be experiencing pain. Regular cleaning with a rough cloth should be done after feeding. Sometimes wat you scrap off is also curd. Antibiotics will not help as it is viral. The mother should also apply antifungal on her breast while feeding to avoid the infection passing on to her. Also ask the mother if she is taking any antibiotic due the which the lesion has appeared in the babies mouth. Check the diaper area also sometimes there are rashes so u beed to apply antifungal in the diaper area also.

It may be both,coz,we can’t see full oral cavity in this pic. it’s difficult also. If the coating is also on hard palate,soft palate,&if it is like curds, it may be Candidiasis,&also feeding difficulties. Try Clotrin mouth paint &observe,if it’s due to candidial,it will speedily recover.

Scrape and exmine a KOH slide. If fungus present think of cabdida. If abscent think anything but advise good oral hygiene. ! The pattern is not very tipical or the morphology- curdy white flakes are not seen by me !

It's a case of oral thrush.oral hygiene is required along with topical miconazole cream for local application.

Oral thrush.. Nystatin for infection.. N ask mother also to to apply antifungal on breast

ORAL THRUSH Clotrimazole mouth paint application twice a day for 10days Oral hygeine

Thanks sir. Any Multivitamin suppliment is essential?

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Oral thrush Tab fluconazole Bd × 5days Apply anti fungal gel locally apply..

Fluconazole tab for 2 month baby?

Oral thrush Cleaning of tongue regularly Candid gum paint thrice a day

This looks to be coating only proper cleaning is must.

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